A person in a yellow jacket and helmet is snowboarding down a snowy slope on a sunny day, surrounded by snow-covered trees and mountains.

Top 10 Advantages of a Ski-in/Ski-Out Resort

Published on November 13, 2023

Picture this - waking up to mountain views, fresh snow and being able to grab your skis or boards and walk out the doors, right to the slopes and hop on the chairlift. Nothing compares to the convenience of what ski-in/ski-out resorts offer skiers and snowboarders, making them a popular choice for winter vacations. Located at the base of Snow King Mountain, Snow King Resort and its Grand View Lodge luxury condominiums offer the only ski-in/ski-out accommodations in Jackson proper. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort also offers ski-in/ski-out options in Teton Village, which is a brief 25 minute ride from downtown Jackson.

These key advantages make ski-in/ski-out resorts an attractive option for individuals and families looking for a convenient and immersive skiing or snowboarding vacation in Jackson Hole.

1. Convenience:

The most significant advantage is the convenience of being able to step out of your accommodation and onto the slopes. This eliminates the need for transportation to and from the ski area, fighting traffic, having to find a parking space, or schlepping your equipment onto a bus that takes you to the base of the mountain. Ski-in/ski-out saves time and effort.

2. Time Savings:

Ski-in/ski-out access allows you to maximize your time on the slopes. You can start skiing or snowboarding almost immediately after leaving your hotel room. And, you can easily take breaks or return to your room as needed.

3. Accessibility:

A majority of ski-in/ski-out resorts are typically located right on the mountain, providing easy access to a variety of ski trails and lifts. This makes it convenient for skiers of all levels to explore different slopes without the hassle of transportation. Snow King Resort is located right at the base of Snow King Mountain so guests can ski right to the chairlift.

4. Apres-ski Activities:

After a day of skiing, you can easily return to your acommodations for a quick break or to enjoy a host of apres-ski activities in downtown Jackson. This makes it more convenient to participate in resort-based events, dine on property, or relax and unwind at Grand View Spa, Snow King Resort's new 9,000 square foot spa.

5. Family-Friendly:

Ski-in/ski-out resorts are often family friendly, with the added convenience of being able to return to your hotel room easily if needed - especially when skiing with children. This can make the overall skiing experience more enjoyable for families.

6. Scenic Views:

Many ski-in/ski-out resorts are situated in picturesque mountain locations, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Whether its panoramic views of Snow King Mountain or the majesty of of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and the spectacular snow-capped Grand Tetons, the views in Jackson Hole never disappoint.

7. No Parking Hassles:

Since you won't need to drive to the slopes each day, you can avoid the challenges of finding parking, dealing with parking fees and walking long distances from the parking area to the lifts.

8. Ski School Proximity:

For beginners or those taking ski lessons, being close to the slopes means easy access to ski schools and meeting points. This is especially beneficial for those who may need to return to their hotel or resort during the day. Snow King Mountain offers a variety of group and/or private ski and snowboard lessons for all levels and ages which can be booked directly online at snowkingmountain.com.

9. Flexible Skiing Schedule:

Ski-in/ski-out resorts allow for a more flexible skiing schedule. You can easily take breaks, return to your room, and tailor your skiing experience to your preferences without being bound by external transportation schedules.

10. High-Quality Accommodations:

Ski-in/ski-out resorts often offer spacious and well-appointed accommodations with amenities including ski storage, gear rental, and other resort amenities including spas, dining and resort programming and events. Snow King Resort partners with Ski Butlersin Jackson, an award-winning ski rental company who provides premium equipment, in-room fittings in the comfort of your hotel room, as well as delivery and pick up of your rentals.


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