A Vacation for Your Dog

A Pet-Friendly Hotel in Jackson Hole

Snow King Resort is a pet friendly hotel, so you no longer have to leave behind the furry member of your family when you go on vacation. How can anyone even resist leaving those big puppy eyes behind?! If you're traveling with your non-human BFF, please review our pet policy below.

Read Full Pet Policy

Below is a copy of the formal pet policy that you will be asked to sign upon check-in

I acknowledge that I am traveling with dog(s) and agree to the following terms:

  1. I acknowledge there is a $25.00 pet fee per day ($35.00 pet fee for 2 dogs per day)  
  2. My dog(s) is/are housebroken  
  3. My dog(s) will never be left unattended in a guestroom or in a vehicle
  4. When my dog(s) is/are outside of my guestroom it will always be under my control and will have a harness or collar and leash attaching us. Unless I am unable, because of a disability and the use of such a device would interfere with my dog’s safe and effective performance of work or tasks, my dog(s) will otherwise be under my voice control, signals or other adequate means.  
  5. It is grounds for eviction without notice if my dog(s) is/are threatening people, barking excessively, out of control and/or causing a disturbance and I do not take prompt and effective action to control it. I also acknowledge I will be responsible for any compensation made to any other guest(s) due to my dog's behavior or noisy activity.  
  6. I acknowledge and understand Wyoming House Bill No. HB0114 applies as stated below:
  7. Section 1 / 35-13-203 (b) Any person who knowingly and intentionally misrepresents that an animal is a service animal or an assistance animal for the purpose of obtaining any of the rights or privileges set forth in this article is guilty of a misdemeanor and may be fined not more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00)  
  8. I acknowledge and agree with all of the policies above. I also agree that should any of these policies be broken, I may be subject to immediate eviction without a refund and/or charged further fees for damages caused to the facility by my dog(s). I authorize the hotel to charge my credit card for any such infractions.
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