Young Country Star Dierks Bently Brings His Talent to Jackson Hole


Saddle up ladies . . . Dierks Bently is coming to town this summer for the Dude Bra Brew Fest over 4th of July. After making his rounds through the South, the East, and the Midwest, he arrives in Jackson Hole for his outdoor show at Snow King Amphitheater on July 3rd. Tickets are on sale and will probably go pretty fast, so if you are a Dierks fan you better get moving.

Being the anything-but-country-fan that I am, when I first heard that Dierks Bently was coming to town, my reaction was "great, who's that." An outdoor concert at the base of the King sounds like fun but don't all country singers sound the same?

That's when it hit me, or when my friend hit me and said "Hello, remember Tennessee?" The story goes like this: After I graduated college in Washington, my best friend and I hoped in her car and headed out for a long road trip. Our first stop: Memphis, Tennessee where we would meet some friends to go to the first Bonnaroo (now that comment either makes me sound really old or REALLY young depending on who's reading this). But before we headed to Bonnaroo, we spent a little time with Elvis in Memphis and with guess who . . . Dierks Bently in Nashville. It wasn't totally random, a friend of a friend knew him somehow. Our friend of a friend wanted to go see him play one night in a local bar, so we joined him.  When we arrived we met the band and were given a jar that said "Tips for the Band." It would be our job that night to bounce around the bar and try to gather tips for the band. That's it, nothing more . . . I once met Dierks and helped him gather funds. I doubt he would remember, but you never know.

So, I wonder, can I take some of the credit for where he is today? I better not miss the show!

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