Teton County Fair: Mark Your Calendars Now!

The Teton County Fair has quite a bit in stock for this year's fair weekend, so mark your calendars now: July 23rd-27th, 2008. Whether you want to participate in events or not, there are a handful of fun activities that you won't want to miss. The rides of course are always fun, especially after a decent stuffing of funnel cake and corn dogs. Rides will be open Wednesday and Thursday (5pm-11p.m); Friday (4pm-Midnight); Saturday (Noon-Midnight); and Sunday (Noon-11pm). They offer $18 unlimited ride passes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons - a great deal if you love carnival rides and find yourself always saving up your tickets for only the best rides.

Pig Wrestling will begin at 7pm on Wednesday night and is probably the most hilarious event of the fair. It's even more fun if you enter as a team and test your skills in the pig pen. Muddy, super slippery, and extremely entertaining. This event costs $12 for Adults and $6 for Kids(5-13).

Figure 8 Races are somewhat new to the Teton County Fair. Lots of hoots and hollers from the crowd come out on this night, Thursday at 8pm. A thrilling and exciting "sport" to watch, just think of how the drivers must feel as they barrel around the figure-8 shaped track, having to time their entry into the crossing zone or gear up for a big slam. This event costs $12 for Adults and $6 for Kids(5-13).

Friday night is always the concert night and this year we are lucky to have Yonder Mountain String Band grace us with their presence. This new-grass band is sure to fit in with the Rodeo Queen, cow pies, and good ol' western fun. Tickets $20.

The actual Fair Rodeo shows on Saturday night at 8pm, probably the best Rodeo to be seen all summer at the arena. Fun for families and anyone visiting Jackson Hole for the first time, you'll really get a taste for the talent that lives in the west. $12 for Adults; $6 for Kids (5-13); and$15  for covered grandstand seating.

Demo-Derby is a Teton County classic and although the county has laid down the law with drinking and partying at this event, it is still a load of fun, and probably more enjoyable for families and kids. This event brings the fair to an end on Sunday night at 6pm. Be prepared for crunching metal, smoke and fire, rambunctious crowds, and a ton of fun!

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