Summer Finally Arrives for the Summer Solstice


When the local forecast read “frequent snow showers” two weeks ago, I started feeling pretty pessimistic about summer 2008 in Jackson Hole. But a little over a week ago, the sun broke through the clouds, rain, and snow and has been shining ever since. Snow still lingers in high mountain valleys and on top of most peaks, but it is officially summer in the valley with temperatures pleasantly reaching the 80s during the day. You can tell summer has arrived simply by everyone's attitudes. People are smiling, talking about all the exciting things they did over the weekend and making plans for the next. But if you ask a Jackson native about this year’s late onset of summer, they are quick to tell you that this is nothing unusual and that we are just used to really EARLY summers that have occurred over the last ten years. Summer seems to fly by in Jackson Hole and with the summer solstice this past weekend, days are already getting shorter. Whatever the case may be, summer is here and I'll be sad when it leaves. There are plenty of sunshine filled months ahead to explore the area and partake in many of Jackson's outdoor activities and events.

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