Snow King Mountain Season Pass - Buy Online Now!

Did anyone ski or ride Snow King last year when the Village blew down?  That huge powder day when it dumped several feet in town?  Umm, I DID.  It was amazing.  Not only was there waist-deep powder and unlimited face-shots, there were NO lift lines.  Everyone who bailed on the Village got stuck on the West Bank because the snow drifts were so bad they had to close the Village Road.  Basically, my roommate and I did laps of wide open, untracked powder skiing for hours.  Not to mention enjoying watching a random snowboarder ride every lap with a boombox in his backpack blasting KHOL.  That day, among others, pretty much sold me on buying a Season Pass for the fourth year in a row.  It's super convenient, the lift lines are never long, and parking's always easy.  I think everyone in Jackson agrees that it's hard to beat $149 ($129 for mid-week) for unlimited ski days.


Apres at the King, you ask?  Besides the fact that you can practically ski right up to The Lounge (the old Shady Lady) from the east side of the mountain, it's also close enough to walk to the Brew Pub...or pretty much anywhere downtown.

For those of you who don't already know, Snow King just launched a new website dedicated to us skiers and snowboarders.  Check it out:  You can buy your season pass at the new online store and check out the latest photos and videos from the mountain.  It also has a detailed list of events happening throughout the year at Snow King.  Hope to see you out at the Town Hill this year!





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