Running Wild in the Tetons

Even though the mountains are still snowy and the air brisk, most valley level trails and park roads are dry and clear.  The usually busy 9 mile Moose Wilson Road between the Teton Village and the Moose entry of Grand Teton National Park is a joy to run this time of year with crisp temperatures, few vehicles and majestic views of snowy Tetons and the surrounding Mountain Range.  The few bridge crossings reveal icy, clear and fast moving creeks snaking through the trees.  If your idea of a perfect run is losing yourself in the surrounding scenery than May is a perfect time of year to run through the winter mountains colliding with the soon to be summer foothills.  May is also a good time to see wild life.  The Moose, Elk and Buffalo are all on the scene this time of year.  The trails on the Snake River levee are clear of snow as well.  Keep an eye out for Bald Eagles and Osprey when running these trails.  If you prefer to stay off the roads and the dirt there are miles of paved bike and running trails all over Jackson.  Visit Friends of Pathways to see the miles of paved trails that spread from the Teton Village to the town of Jackson and all the way to the Grand Teton National Park.
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