Pond Skimming & Season Pass Holder Party


The first annual Pond Skimming & Season Pass holder party was a big splash!  Locals and those staying at Snow King for the near end of the season enjoyed quite a show.  The day started off tame with a few people skimming the pond, but that didn't last long once the competitors realized the pool was deep enough for a soft landing.  The aerials, flips and costumes got more outrageous as the day went on.  There was always a big line of those waiting to skim.  The event was actually held up for 30 minutes during the day so the folks from Snow King could refill the pool, add a rail slide and build a bigger jump!  Even the Snow King Ski Patrol decided to get into the action.

The word from Snow King's Mountain Operations department is:  We can't wait to do this again next year!  Snow King Season Pass holders enjoyed the benefits of a free lunch and a beer from Snow King's outdoor Snow Bar - something almost 400 Season Pass Holders took advantage of.  Season Pass holders were'nt the only people having a great time.  Those in attendence enjoyed the music of The Blue Grass Band, great weather and a steady stream of talented Skimmers!

This wasn't just an event for big kids.  The little ones had a great time too.

Snow King even let this guy skim the pond.

Check out the Pond Skimming Video - provided by Thought Shaker

More photos from Reaction Photography

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