New Arrow Mountain Bike Trail: A Great Ride for All


The Arrow Trail, recently constructed by the Jackson Hole Boy Scouts, is a new mountain bike trail on Teton Pass, linking Phillips parking area to Phillips Canyon Trail, an already constructed downhill and rocky trail. This new single track trail has created a scenic adventure through what used to be a simple forest service road. The trail is a 7 mile out and back (if you turn around at the junction with Phillips Canyon) and is a great ride for those looking for mellow but scenic and fun single track.

Trail Description: Park at the Phillips Parking Area about 3/4 the way up Teton Pass. Ride up the forest service road until you see a trail marker that says Phillips Canyon to the left and Arrow Trail to the right. The Arrow Trail begins about 10 feet after the sign off to the right of the road. The trail maintains relatively the same rolling elevation for the first section. It then crosses the power line road and begins its true ascent, which for anyone who enjoys riding on Snow King or the Big Holes, will quickly appreciate the amount of winding this trail provides during its ascent. I think it adds on an extra mile just to make a mellow ascent, keeping the exertion level totally manageable. The trail then disappears into the trees and then back out to views for a few sections, one including a large tree bridge, with an easy go-around if you aren't feeling up to it. Although bumpy in areas because of loose rock and tree roots, the quality of the trail is impressive for being only a month old. This is a classic cross-country trail. You never really feel like you are ascending or descending because there is a little of both in each section. The fastest section is actually back toward the beginning (or end) of the trail. Otherwise the tight corners on the main switch back area require a slower speed on the descent.

Riding this trail out and back takes a little over an hour, making for a fabulous end of the day or quick ride. If you haven't yet, make your way up to Teton Pass to try out the new Arrow Trail.

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