Hunting in Jackson

Hunting season in Jackson Hole is winding down but don t pull those skis out just yet. If you haven t filled your elk tag you still have time! Area 80 is still open for antlerless elk. Area 80 is located west of the National Elk Refuge and is absolutely beautiful this time of year. Its close to town so even 8:00 5:00 people, like me, can easily access it after work. You can also apply for a Permission Slip at the Wyoming Game and Fish website. If drawn you can hunt antlerless elk on the National Elk Refuge during the time frame for which you ve been chosen. The permission slip drawings happen every Monday. Go to the Wyoming Game & Fish website for more details. I drew this week for 11/5 11/9. The warm weather is keeping most of the elk in the high country right now but snow is in the forecast. So get out there and fill your tag and fill your freezer. There s nothing better than elk chili when winter is in full swing. Enjoy your surroundings, enjoy your time in the mountains and remember to aim small.
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