Fall has officially arrived

This past weekend was the first in a while that has been weather dependent. I attended the Moose Cross and the Grand Teton Brewery's Oktoberfest in Victor, Idaho on Saturday. The day began with a clear beautiful morning but the dark clouds quickly rolled in during the afternoon races and festivities at the Brewery. We watched the sky as a wall of rain swept across the the Big Hole Mountains and into Teton Valley, deciding whether we should withstand the down pour and continue to hold on to summer flip flops, brats, and brews outdoors or if we should swallow our pride, jump in the car, and head to the Knotty Pine for dinner. As the clouds grew closer, we chose the latter option. Sunday was similar. We were able to sneak out for a hike in the afternoon, but brought our rain jackets just in case.

Although the weather has seemed to turn for the colder, rainier days, there is a low buzz around town . . . people are already talking about skiing and their winter plans. I am still crossing my fingers for another Indian Summer.

But if fall has truely arrived, I embrace it. The colors of the changing leaves fill the valley, there are less people downtown, and there still tons of events and activities to enjoy. In particular check out concerts, dance performances, and more at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. Another big fall event is the Teton Wellness Festival.

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