Cheap gas in Wyoming


Since early spring this year, I have read nothing but warning headlines in newspapers that say something along the lines of: Gas Prices to Reach Record Highs This Summer. Looking at my summer schedule with a weekend here and a weekend there, and then a big wedding out in California, it makes me want to reconsider my driving plans. But flying won’t be any better. In fact, flying will probably be worse not just on my pocket but on the environment. Maybe trains, although long and numbing, will be the way to travel this year.

Here’s the good news: I did a little research on gas prices throughout the country and found that Wyoming has the cheapest gas overall. I don’t have an explanation for why. But I sure can’t complain about the price compared to the rest of the nation. So, as long as you can afford to get here for your summer vacation, you’ll be living large once you’re here. And if you have to stay here because it’s too expensive to drive home, well it’s not such a bad place to remain.

The bigger picture: I still have to pose the questions “what will it take to make our nation a non-oil dependent country” and “at what point, or price, will Americans have to stop buying gas because they can’t afford it.” As much as we want to be “green” and “care about the environment” and find “alternative energy” – that’s really only realistic for those that have the means ($$$) to do so. I predict that our dependency on oil will persist until Americans become so desperate that we are forced to change, and therefore find affordable alternative fuel and energy resources. Okay okay, enough ranting! In the mean time, we may as well enjoy vacationing in National Parks and beautiful places like Jackson Hole while we can. Especially if gas stays cheap in Wyoming.

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