Black Canyon Mountain Bike Ride: Dusty, Rocky, but a Ton of Fun!

A local mountain bike trail begins at the top of Teton Pass. After a short mellow uphill ride, you arrive at the highest point south of the pass overlooking Jackson Hole and Black Canyon. This is the beginning of the descent. A lack in rainfall over the past few weeks has made this trail extremely dusty so be prepared for clouds of dust if you are riding with a group. Beware of the first few switchbacks, covered in loose large rocks that can easily toss your tires around. But after that it’s smooth dusty sailing around a series of switchback turns that seem like they will never end. Once you descend down into the shaded valley, the switchbacks end, and the trail becomes buff, cool, and excellent. A few creek crossings, a few scrambles over fallen trees, and rollercoaster like terrain, make this ride quite an adventure. Go slow if this is your first time on this trail as a few features seem to jump out at you without notice. No matter what, when you arrive at the end, you are bound to take a deep breath, smile to your buds, and say “that was fun.”


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