Big Birthday Bash

I am happy to be at work this Monday morning, because I need a break from living the high life in Jackson Hole!  I had a great weekend celebrating my friend, Mandy s birthday.  Saturday evening we, and seven other of her friends, partook of the 2 for 1 special at Il Villaggio Osteria,  Being an odd number of nine, we came up with a great solution to insure an optimum benefit of the 2 for 1 deal.  We ordered a Wild Mushroom Pizza to split as an appetizer!  Wine and cocktails, including Campari Old Fashions and Basil Martinis, made us a cheery bunch.  I had the Quattro Stagioni pizza as my entrée.  This pizza was so loaded down with toppings, like artichoke hearts, prosciutto, tomatoes, mushrooms and olives, I had to use a knife and a fork to eat it!  Everything looked delicious from the Ziti, to the Gnocchi, to the Pumpkin Risotto.  One of my dinner companions was kind enough to let me try her Pumpkin Risotto.  I just had to try it, because on the plate there was actually a little pumpkin, which had been hollowed out and filled with the risotto.  It was an excellent presentation! Sunday morning Mandy and I took our time getting out to Teton Village, because Jackson Hole Mountain Resort reported only 1 of new snow.    Even with only one new inch of snow, the mountain was in great condition lots of tracked up but still very soft snow could be found from the Apres Vous lift (known to locals as AV ) to the Sublette lift.  And with the entire mountain being open, we never had to wait in a line.  We skied until 3:30, when we finally stopped for lunch at the Village cafe© (or the VC ).  There is nothing like a slice of VC pizza and a beer after skiing.  I must warn you that this place is almost always packed by 4pm, but VC Pizza, with its whole wheat crust and unique topping combinations on the Slice o the Day, is well worth the wait at their small bar. With Osteria offering their 2 for 1 entrée special until December 15 and the whole mountain being open before the big holiday rush.
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