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Thanksgiving Buffet - Delicious!

what Thanksgiving is all about! Snow King Resort s annual Thanksgiving day buffet was once again a delicious event. The entire Rafferty s room View to the West - snow capped Tetons  was filled with freshly prepared foods, succulent roast turkey dripping with juices & tender prime rib of beef Roast Prime Rib of Beef  were huge favorites. Atrium Lobby from the Restaurant The Creole shrimp atop red beans and rice had just the right touch of spice, house-made gravlax with all the sides, iced peeled shrimp and crab claws, seafood chowder, various hors d oeuvres and salads, cornbread stuffing with giblet gravy, Brussels sprouts sautéed with bacon and onions and incredibly light whipped roasted fresh yams blanketed in melted marshmallows.  For dessert the fresh apple crisp, pumpkin and pecan pies went perfectly with hot spiced apple cider.   The kitchen staff outdid themselves and our appreciative guests left happy and full. It was a fun day for everybody. Can t wait for Christmas Buffet!
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Fall Dining Deals!

cafe Cheap Eats!  Well not exactly cheap, but for Jackson Hole the off-season specials are a treat.  If you re like most hard working individuals, this time of year is one for pinching pennies prior to the holidays. Here in Jackson, we enjoy the relaxing pace of community and save a few bucks by dining out. Yes, I said dining out. Heck, it s practically the only time I can get to enjoy the higher end restaurants due to the various Two for One s and other eatery specials through Jackson and the Westbank.  Rendezvous Bistro is my personal favorite with their $11 menu and buy one and get the other meal for $2- especially with since that $2 dollars is donated to local charities! Thumbs up for Happy Hour at the Kitchen, with the $5 appetizers and half price drinks you are sure to have any enjoyable evening.  If you like seafood then their "Luxury Shrimp   are not to be missed!  Paired the shrimp with the Heirloom Tomato Salad and a nice glass of wine or specialty cocktail and you are set for a delicious, and cost effective dinner.  I plan on expanding my dining adventure to the other fine dining establishments in the area this Fall, I will keep you posted on what culinary delights I find! Another great deal I recently discovered is  With a list of not only restaurants, but retail stores and services such as salons, pet services, and computer help, offers a Groupon style discount.   This site gives year round specials where you can buy one or multiple vouchers, and are refreshed on Wednesdays with new deals to be had!  Just think with all these saving, a Fall trip to Jackson Hole is beneficial, no crowds, lower lodging rates, and dining deals to be had all around. Book your trip today, before you miss out on the crisp Fall deals!
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Fall Hiking in the Hole

Daylight may be fading into the horizon earlier in the afternoons, but the hiking trails around Jackson are still seeing a lot of action. With the gracious extension of trail usage this year (open until November 30th!) many locals are taking advantage of our beautiful fall weather and hitting the trails on foot and bike. Last week the colors were amazing. Sailor, my 85 pound Mastiff-Pitbull-Pointer (a Teton hybrid if you will) and I, went for our routine after work hike up the Butte and were in awe of the bright oranges, burning reds, golden yellows and hints of green that surrounded us. To be honest, Sailor may have been more focused on the Sage Grouse he kept flushing from the brush, and the Chiselers squeaking from just out of paw's reach in the Aspen trees, but I was in awe with nature's paintbrush . Needless to say Fall has decided to stick around a bit longer this year, and this girl and her pup are excited about it! cafe This weekend Sailor and I stopped by the Snake River Dyke, on our way to Pearl Street Bagels in Wilson. Everyone and their labradoodle were hot to trot. Sailor had too much excitement sniffing all the furry friends and had to run down to the river to cool off, I must admit that by the end of our 5 miles I was wishing I could join him! Yesterday after work, we stayed a little closer to home and went up Cache Creek. The trails were clear of the snow we had two weeks ago, and though slightly muddy in places, they were mostly dry. About 3 miles up in we decided to turn around and were greeted by a spectacular Teton sunset and an epic mountain bike wipe out. Don't worry the rider was fine, Sailor ran up the butte to investigate while I snapped a picture, the photo simply does not do justice, but trust me the view was well worth the hike down in the falling darkness. Fall is always an amazing time in the Valley, the Elk are bugling, the town has quieted down from the busy summer, and everyone is taking advantage of the peace that surrounds as we prepare for the coming winter. If you have never visited Jackson in October or November, I might say you have never truly seen Jackson in all her glory.
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