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King Tubes Snow Tubing Park OPENS!

The King Tubes Snowtubing park is OPEN! Thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication the tube park opened Sunday, December 18th for the season just in time for the Holiday rush. Snow Tubing is a no-skill-required Winter sport. Our rope tow hauls you and your tube up the hill so there s really very little effort involved, just FUN as you fly down the groomed track. It s a speed oriented ride, go down by yourself or link tubes with your friends and all ride down together then take the rope tow back up and do it again! King Tubes is open on weekends from 11am-7pm and Tuesday through Friday from 2pm-7pm. There will be special hours for the Holiday Week check the hotline for details (307) 734-3194. If you need more information please visit Snow King Mountain's King Tube page

You need to be at least 42 tall and if you are under 18 years old you ll need a parent or legal guardian present to sign your release.  

Rates are $20 for a 1-hour adult session, $5 for each additional hour and Kids are $15 for a 1-hour session, $5 for every additional hour. King Tubes is easy to find at the western-most base of Snow King Mountain Ski Area, the corner of Snow King Avenue & Cache Street just 6 blocks off the Town Square. You ll know you re there when you hear the noise of laughter (and SCREAMING!). Come give it a try you ll be back for more!
King Tubes opens for 11/12 Season full view of the tube park Opening day at King Tubes the end of your ride

*Please note rates were last updated 1/11/2016 and may have changed. 

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Summit Lift & rope tow both open today!

Summit Lift opens! Today we opened the Summit lift to the top of Snow King Mountain! It s a beautiful blue-sky day today, temps in the lower 20s just perfect. We ve only had 34 inches of snowfall up top but we ve retained a nice 14 base it s holding up well. Obviously there are obstacles but we re doing better than many ski areas around the country. 18 of man-made snow at the base makes for fun cruising and the ski teams have been getting some excellent race practice in. We also opened the beginner rope tow today and it was BUSY with lots of folks taking lessons and learning to ski and snowboard. What a perfect spot to learn, a nice gentle slope with great instructors. Little kids mixing with adults, really fun to watch. Our newest snowgun made a TON of snow, the grooming crew pushed it out, smoothed it down and it s just perfect now. We should be opening King Tubes , the Snow Tubing Park, tomorrow will keep you posted. Rafferty s lift will open as conditions improve, still need to make a little more snow but its getting really close. Come on out the mountain is in great shape for what snow has fallen. Thanks for supporting Snow King Mountain!

Busy opening morning

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