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Off-Season Specials

The off season, a time of too much rain, not enough snow, chilly temps and less and less daylight, is often a hard time to get out and play in the mountains as so many of us locals love to do. Years ago, my friends and I called this time of year The Drinking Season. It was a good time to get together at the Cadillac and turn Happy Hour and a Billy s Burger into an all night event, or head to El Abuelito and catch up over Jumbo Margaritas. (Still wonderful year-round endeavors.) Oh, those were different times for those of us fresh out of college just trying to make it here in Jackson Hole, partly because those haunts were the only places we could afford and partly because most of the restaurants closed for the off season back then. These days more and more restaurants are staying open and offering off-season specials; the most common of which is the 2 for 1 entrées. Since I enjoy a fine meal much more than I do a hangover these days, The Drinking Season has turned into The Eating Season for me.

Last night, my friend Adam, part owner and operator of Brushbuck Guide Services and I had dinner at Lotus cafe© where we partook of their 2 for 1 Indian Entrées. I have never been to India, nor eaten much Indian food, so I cannot attest to the authenticity of the dishes, but I can definitely attest to their deliciousness. I had the Fish Curry, while Adam had the Lamb Curry. The server was nice enough to offer us side plates on which to share our meals. (Obviously she knows how good the food is and that people will want to share.) With a side of Garlic Naan and a couple of Snake River Pale Ales to round out the meal, it was a lovely evening catching up with a friend, who is quite busy during the summer months, and getting busier during the off season and winter too.

With restaurants offering deals and companies like Brushbuck offering tours year round, the Off Season is becoming a great time to be in Jackson Hole.

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