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Jackson Hole Farmer's Market

Woke up Saturday to a cold and not so nice morning. easy it would be to stay home, eat banana waffles and watch Aladdin (the movie) for the millionth time cuddled under blankets.  But, it is the middle of August and we dont have many weekends left before it is really too cold and my motivation is lost, so we packed up our 3 year old and our 3 month old in the chariot stroller, hooked it up to the tandem bike and rode on down to the Jackson Hole Farmer's Market. You couldnt have asked for a more perfect morning.  I think most people decided to skip it due the cold and possibility of rain.  The crowds were minimal and the produce was abundant.  We munched on fresh blueberry scones while checking out the goods at each stand.  Ended up with HUGE blackberries, amazing Utah corn, Wyoming tomatoes (for caprese salad), a massive zucchini (which I stuffed and baked last night..YUM) and a beautiful organic basil plant (from our local Cosmic Apple Gardens).  The corn was so sweet and tender that a quick blanch in the boiling water was all it needed.  I ate corn for dinner Sunday night - no protein, no starch, just corn.  Loved it.  We then moved on to the Art Fair that was happening in Miller Park.  Seemed to be much larger than in year's past.  Booths were assembled all over the park offering an array of paintings, photography, sculpture, clothing, jewelry and furniture.  Live music, food vendors and a kid's art area rounded out the event.  We snuck into the middle of the festivities to play on the slides, monkey bars and swings at one of our son's favorite local parks. I am so glad my laziness did not get the best of me.  We had a great morning experiencing Jackson at its finest.  Community runs deep here.  This is why we love it so.

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NEW Snow King Mountain Website!

Okay, say "another website" Well, we think this one is pretty cool and was way overdue.  Season after season we were asked to create a site that would put the focus on the skier and snowboarder - period.  We heard you and have answered your cries. offers information on the "Town Hill". You can post your favorite photos, your best videos, and join a community that loves what Snow King has to offer...great skiing that is affordable and fun.  Keep up to date on all the events happening on the mountain including the Wednesday night Rail Jam Series, races, torchlight parade and our end-of-season Season Pass Party and Pond Skimming!  Oh, and you can purchase your season ski pass through this site as well.  Check it out and give us your feedback!

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Hunting for huckleberries

Yesterday I spent the day hunting for huckleberries in Grand Teton National Park.  It was a gorgeous mountain summer day...sunny with a few clouds, slight breeze and not too hot.  Huckleberry hunting is an annual event I share with my in-laws.  We pack up various sized containers, our lunch and head off to our favorite places in the park.  This year was especially fun as I included my 2.5 month old daughter.  Strapped in a front carrier, she and I headed off into the forest with a backpack filled with baby needs (plus the containers, lunch and water).  Hunting for huckleberries can be tricky.  First, you must know where to find them and second, you need a keen eye to spot the berries on the bush.  The berries are small (like a tiny blueberry) and range from deep red to purple when ripe.  They hide under the leaves making it hard to spot them.  Getting down to the ground to pick berries while holding my daughter was tricky.  I have now mastered the art of deep knee lunges and squats!  We didnt find much yesterday and I couldnt figure out if we were too early or too late in the season.  Some berries were old and brown while others were still green.  I may head back in a couple of weeks to check it out as the bounty may be well worth the trip.  Our bounty we gathered yesterday will go in the in the freezer until Thanksgiving when my father-in-law will make ice cream for the holiday. 

If you happen to be in Jackson Hole around mid-august, consider huckleberry hunting.  The bushes can be found along the trails near the lakes in Grand Teton National Park.  It is an easy hike that most can handle including young children.  Here is a brief explanation of the huckleberry:


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