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Jackson Hole entertains locals and visitors in First Annual Jackson Hole Music Festival

The first annual Jackson Hole Music Festival took place last weekend. A two-day spread of well known bands like Wilco, Ben Harper, the Black Crows, Brian Wilson, Medeski Martin & Wood, Kaki King, Henry Butler, and many more took the stage at an outdoor concert at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. With two popular annual music festivals, the Targhee Fest and the Targhee Bluegrass Festival, in place over the hill at Grand Targhee Resort, this weekend's festival has been something Jackson locals have been awaiting for a long time.

The shows began at 11am and didn't end until 9am on both Saturday and Sunday, providing for long hot days of dancing in the sun. Sunday was by far more crowded than Saturday, but the turnout overall was impressive. Attendees flocked in with blankets, chairs, sun umbrellas, and small coolers. Local vendors sold food, drinks, clothing, and other crafts, and a huge water tank provided hydration for all. By the end of the day, the dust clouds had formed a layer that seemed to cake on to just about everything and by the drive home, a feeling of blissful exhaustion overwhelmed me.

This was a great start to what hopes to be an annual affair. I can't wait to see the lineup for next year's Jackson Hole Music Festival.

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Black Canyon Mountain Bike Ride: Dusty, Rocky, but a Ton of Fun!

A local mountain bike trail begins at the top of Teton Pass. After a short mellow uphill ride, you arrive at the highest point south of the pass overlooking Jackson Hole and Black Canyon. This is the beginning of the descent. A lack in rainfall over the past few weeks has made this trail extremely dusty so be prepared for clouds of dust if you are riding with a group. Beware of the first few switchbacks, covered in loose large rocks that can easily toss your tires around. But after that it’s smooth dusty sailing around a series of switchback turns that seem like they will never end. Once you descend down into the shaded valley, the switchbacks end, and the trail becomes buff, cool, and excellent. A few creek crossings, a few scrambles over fallen trees, and rollercoaster like terrain, make this ride quite an adventure. Go slow if this is your first time on this trail as a few features seem to jump out at you without notice. No matter what, when you arrive at the end, you are bound to take a deep breath, smile to your buds, and say “that was fun.”


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