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Horseback Riding on Snow King Mountain is a Fun and Western Way to See the Area

The earliest horseback trail ride you can reserve on Snow King Mountain departs at 9am, early enough that the mountains are lit with beautiful morning light and late enough that the air is warm and pleasant. It was a small group, only 5 of us. Two local teenagers, two adults over 70 years old from northern California, and me, 27. It was a great mix of people and everyone had a great time.

Our guide, Billy, initially warned us not to let our horses eat any of the grass along the trail, or else we would end up spending an hour eating instead of riding. We left the stables at the base of Snow King Mountain, just next to the scenic chairlift, and started winding our way up the mountain along a horse-only trail. Many locals use the main hiking trail on Snow King as their daily excersice and we appreciated, as much as the hikers did as well, that we had our own horse trail to follow up the mountain. Although mostly in the sun, the trail weaves through a few forested sections for some much needed shade. About half way up the mountian, the trail veers left across the mountain toward the top of the Alpine Slide, which is where we begin our descent.

Because it is such a steep mountain, coming downhill on a horse made me a little uneasy on the corners. But after Ginger, my horse, slowly guided me around two bends, I was reassured that the horse does this every day and knows exactly where it's going. Our two guides, Billy and Kevin, were fantastic and pointed out landmarks and other Jackson Hole activities. Although a little dusty, it felt great to be on a horse again and to sample a little taste of Jackson's western flair.


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Bar-T-5 Covered Wagon Cookout: Great Food and Song, but not very P.C.

I attended the Bar-T-5 Covered Wagon Cookout adventure on Friday night with 30 friends. No, I didn't just round up a group to go. It was, in fact, the rehearsal dinner. Although instead of rehearsing we enoyed a covered wagon ride up Cache Creek, a hearty cowboy dinner, and a little song and dance. It was a fun evening and a great idea for a rehearsal dinner.

Our group was split into three to ride up the road to the cookout site, which took about 20 minutes. The kids that we were with loved this part and kept asking if they could drive the wagon. If you hike and bike up Cache Creek, you may be surprised that this little stage and outdoor dining room even exist. It is well hidden. Once we were deeper into the forest we were suddenly surprised with two figures coming toward us on horseback from the woods. Sure enough, as the old west stories say, they were Indians. They were "whooping" and calling out. It was, to say the least, a little absurd and offensive. But this is Jackson tourism at its finest.

When we arrived we were ushered to the front four tables. The host made a few announcements and then directed us to grab a plate and line up for the grub: salad, rolls, corn, beef and chicken, baked beans, and lemonade or water. The staff brings each table their own pot of brownies later in the night. For a cowboy dinner, the food was delicious. During dinner, we enjoyed music by a team of four: two guitarists, one bass, and one fiddle. They sang about life out west and living off the land. And, of course, they couldn't avoid including the bride and groom in a few skits, where they made fun of them terribly. After dinner, we loading up on the wagons again for our return back to town.

A great evening to share with family and friends, especially if you are looking for great food and a little entertainment. But if you bring the kids, you may want to add a short disclaimer about the cowboys and "Indians." Go to for details.


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Music on Main returns to Driggs, Idaho for the Summer

The Wilder's and opener, Jessica Kilroy, took the stage last Thursday night, marking the first free concert of this summer's Music on Main concert series in downtown Driggs, Idaho. Every Thursday from 6 to 9pm, a different band or musician performs in downtown Driggs. The stage is set up at the far end of what used to be a parking lot and is now a soft grassy field. Food, beer, and wine are available for purchase, but the event itself is entirely free (sponsored by the Teton Valley Foundation and its supporters). Concerts will run through the end of August.

Music on Main was packed last Thursday night, with community members from both Teton Valley and Jackson Hole, as well as many visitors to the area. The section of grass closest to the stage was jumping with energy, kids playing with hula hoops and tons of dancing. Overall it's a great excuse to bring the whole family, get outside, socialize and reunite with friends you haven't seen since last summer, and hear some fabulous music. Although summer already seems to be flying by, the beginning of Music on Main has reminded me that there is still a lot of fun to be had these summer months.

Don't miss fantastic musicians like the Clumsy Lovers, Chuck Prophet, and many more. See the full line-up at TetonValleyFoundation.Org


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