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Horseback Trail Riding returns to Snow King Mountain

Riding Horseback on Snow King MountainFrom now until the end of September, Snow King Mountain will be offering horseback trail rides through JH Trail Rides, an outfitter that has been operating trail rides in the valley for over 30 years. The horse corral is located at the base of the mountain, right next to the scenic chairlift. The trails weave along the lower half of Snow King Mountain through forest and open wildflower meadows, offering fantastic views of town, the Elk Refuge, and the Grand Tetons, and only cross other hiking and biking trails here necessary.

Horseback Riding is a great addition to Snow King's many summer activities. Great for the whole family over 7 years old, trail rides last one hour and depart numerous times every day. Children under 7 years old have the option to ride a pony around the corral, with supervision of course. The length of the trail rides are perfect for a visitor to the area. Just enough time to get to know your horse and to see the beautiful mountain side and views. Anything longer would make you walk funny for the rest of the afternoon. Reservations are recommended by calling (307) 733-5200 ext.7762 or Contacting the Concierge


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Summer Finally Arrives for the Summer Solstice


When the local forecast read “frequent snow showers” two weeks ago, I started feeling pretty pessimistic about summer 2008 in Jackson Hole. But a little over a week ago, the sun broke through the clouds, rain, and snow and has been shining ever since. Snow still lingers in high mountain valleys and on top of most peaks, but it is officially summer in the valley with temperatures pleasantly reaching the 80s during the day. You can tell summer has arrived simply by everyone's attitudes. People are smiling, talking about all the exciting things they did over the weekend and making plans for the next. But if you ask a Jackson native about this year’s late onset of summer, they are quick to tell you that this is nothing unusual and that we are just used to really EARLY summers that have occurred over the last ten years. Summer seems to fly by in Jackson Hole and with the summer solstice this past weekend, days are already getting shorter. Whatever the case may be, summer is here and I'll be sad when it leaves. There are plenty of sunshine filled months ahead to explore the area and partake in many of Jackson's outdoor activities and events.

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The Ballad of Cat Ballou is the summer performance at the Jackson Hole Playhouse

Last night marked the opening night for the Jackson Hole Playhouse’s summer performance, The Ballad of Cat Ballou. Originally performed in 1965, Cat Ballou is the story of a young woman who has just returned home on the new railway to Wolf City, Wyoming after two years of finishing school. She quickly falls in love with a robber bandit and soon thereafter watches as her father is shot over $10,000. The rest of the play is a hilarious, musical induced, action packed spectacle that follows Cat and her friends as they attempt to avenge her father’s death. The gunman they hire is of course a whiskey drinking gunman, who calls himself “Kid Shalleen, a legendary gunfighter extraordinaire”, but who can barely stand up straight or take his gun out of his slinger. The characters are hilarious, the music is engaging, and the dancing is entertaining.

The Jackson Hole Playhouse welcomes visitors to enjoy dinner and theater, or just theater. There are two dinner seatings every evening throughout the summer: 5pm and 6:30pm, show to follow each seating. This is a great evening activity for the whole family and the western theme of the performance really makes you feel like you are in the Wild West.

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