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Keeping myself busy while I wait for Summer.

Off season, mud season, spring . . . whatever you want to call it, we all go through a transition this time of year in Jackson Hole. Avid Skiers typically milk the spring corn skiing into early summer months. Weekend warriors indulge in the free time on Saturdays and Sundays to make house repairs or read that book they've been carrying around all winter. Seasonal workers make last minute plans to fly someplace warm like Salulita, Mexico or Malpais, Costa Rica for a month.

What few of my friends realize is how much is actually going on in Jackson this time of year. And without the hoards of visitors that save up their vacation time for mid summer, downtown Jackson Hole is really pleasant and inviting. Rarely do I just stroll the sidewalks of downtown, but just yesterday I found myself peaking into a few shops that I had never noticed before. Most restaurants are open, local bands and musicians continue to play at local bars, and even cultural events have been scheduled like an ongoing showing of the comedy "The Fourth Nail" at the Center for the Arts, the Spring Earth Festival with events like the ECO Fair and Locavore's night in Victor, and visits by regional novelists who come to share readings from their most recent works.

My point? Like myself, you may be itching to get on that mountain bike or waiting for the snow to melt along the banks of the Snake River or complaining about the rain and cold, but it's easy to forget what a wonderful time of year it is to be in Jackson. Quiet and peaceful and still plenty going on, without all the crowds. Enjoy it while you can.


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