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There is No Such Thing as Bad Weather!

So many times I hear the same complaint from my couch potato friends:  I don't want to go outside.  It's not sunny.  I'm afraid I'll get wet.  It's too muddy/slippery to run.  The list of excuses goes on.  This past weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was not sunny and the potential to get wet was high and even though the weekend TV sports line up was good, not spending some time outside would have been a big mistake.

When I woke up Saturday morning and looked outside the first thing I noticed is that it was lightly snowing, but not too cold.  I grabbed warm clothes, running shoes and the Mutt and headed out for a short run.  The trails were definitely a bit muddy, but it is easier to run with the Pooch off the pavement - less cars to think about.  I am lucky enough to live right next to National Forest access and the Snow King Ski Area.  Snow King snow makers were already filling in the base area with man made white stuff, but my corner of the hill was untouched so before long I was out of the Snow King base area heading up towards mid-mountain.  The trails were definitely slick, but with some careful footing the rewards were well worth the mess.  The views of Jackson Hole are spectacular from Snow King.  The town was still peppered with red and orange Aspens living out the last of their fall colors while the sprawling meadows of the National Elk Refuge just to the north was filled with mist and looked like something out of a postcard.  All the various mountain ranges - Gros Vs, Snake River Range and the Tetons were in full snow capped view - even the cables for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's new Aerial Tram were fully visible.

It was time to watch my feet instead of the scenery for a while as I left the mud and entered the snow.  As I neared the summit of the Snow King Ski Area I couldn't help but notice how quickly the snow was starting to accumulate.  The Pooch was giving me that "My paws are cold!" look so I figured I better start heading down hill.  Instead of heading back the same way I decided to take a side trip home via Ferrin's and Cache Creek.  During the summer these trails are perfect for mountain biking, but this time of year the trails are empty so a break neck slip sliding run down them with the Mutt leading the charge was nothing but tons of fun.  We did get a little muddy and a short run turned into a long run, but the shoes came clean and after a few minutes of rolling around in that new snow so did the Mutt.

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