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Remembering to be Thankful

Each day I go about my life, it is fairly similar. I work, hike or snowboard- sometimes both, play with my rescue dog, hang out with the love of my life, eat something yummy and locally sourced, take a clean hot shower, cuddle up in my bed to rest 8 hours and rise again the next day. Rarely do I think about the reason that I am able to do these things. Occasionally when the price of gas is astronomical, I might wonder what is going on oversees to cause the escalation. Or if I catch Bill Maher and there is a segment on the military, I generally pause to send a few prayers over to our men and women. To be honest, I tend to push all these “unpleasant things” to the back of my mind, and live in my little Jackson bubble.
Scrolling through my FaceBook over breakfast this morning I came across a post from my Aunt, she is the proud mother of an Air Force Academy graduate and USAF pilot. The quote struck me as I believe it was meant to, especially on this day, 
                     “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”                                                 George Orwell. 
I am one of those peacefully sleeping people, and I am not nearly as thankful as I should be. I take for granted this “American Dream,” I am so blessed to live. Just as easily I could have been born in other place or another time, and my life would not be so easy. I cannot imagine rising each morning “ready to do violence.”
My cousin, is just one of many who have and are currently serving both in my family and in my life. I am proud to say that my Great-Grandfather was one of the few pure-blood Hohokam Native American men to serve in the Navy during World War Two. His son, my Great Uncle Michael, was a Drill Sargent during both Korea and Vietnam. He was brutal to his men during Basic, but had the highest number of returnees due to their strenuous training at Camp LeJeune. One of my best friends dropped out of college sophomore year, forgoing his full ride soccer scholarship to stand amongst fellow Marines in the War on Terror.Each one of these men, and so many others like them have given up their everyday freedoms, in order to protect and defend the activities I daily take for granted- to watch football, see loved ones, sleep in comfortable beds, eat delicious meals... the list is never-ending.
What is worse, not one of these men has returned unscathed. Each one has seen and done things I could not fathom or even begin to handle, nor would I ever wish anyone ever have to. Every serviceman gives enormous parts of themselves that they will never get back, and they do it for people they will never know. Physically, emotionally, psychologically, or some combination, these men and women are forever changed. They will always be soldiers.
A very good friend recently completed three terms as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. Three times, breath was bated as his return was anticipated. He does not talk about his time in the Middle East. By glance you would never know he was a seasoned soldier, he appears more as a nerdy oversized teddy bear. The summer of 2011 he married the girl of his dreams, this fall he quit is desk job in finance because he just can’t sit. His plan is join the police force, to resume his ability to daily protect and serve, to handle the situations other just can’t. Nothing could be like Iraq or Afghanistan. There is nothing he couldn’t fight through. I will never be able to express the depth my thanks should be to this man and all the others, for how they have changed and all they have given up for me.
Today I will offer my thanks that I am able to live my life in bubble, to not think on things that are appalling, terrifying and deadly. I offer my thanks to every single brave man, woman, and in some horrifying instances- child who rose up ready to do violence. Tomorrow I will work, hike, play with my rescue dog, hang out with the love of my life, eat something yummy and locally sourced, take a clean hot shower, cuddle up in my bed to rest 8 hours and rise again the next day, because these soldiers allow me the freedom to do so. 
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We Are the Champions...

We Are the Champions...

There is nothing quite like being deemed the very best at something. Today’s children may get trophy’s for participation, but in my youth the only trophies displayed in the glass case outside the Principal's office were the ones that said your team were Victors! There was an honor that came from fellow students when you walked down the hallways with a “State Champion” patch on your letterman’s jacket. Unfortunately, the glory of high school is not to be repeated for most of us. Only a select few have the skills and natural born talent to rise through the collegiate and professional ranks. Alas, the joy of being able to flaunt that your school, or perhaps even you, are better than everyone else often stays behind with your letterman’s jacket and your SAT scores as you continue on in your “grown up” life.

Once in a while, however, the gods shine down upon us grown-ups, and we are able to relive the glory usually constrained to spirit assemblies, pregame pep rallies and tailgates. For the people of Jackson, both young and old, that time is now. Our mountain, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR,) has been deemed the “Number One Overall Ski Resort in North America for 2014” by Ski Magazine.  From the top of our lungs, at the top of the tram we channel our inner State Champion Swimmer and shout: “WE’RE NUMBER ONE! WE’RE NUMBER ONE!”

In 26 years that Ski Magazine has been conducting their annual survey JHMR has surprisingly only been in the top ten once before, last year 2013, when they were ranked #6 overall resort. What makes this award even more impressive is who it comes from. This is not a bunch of people in an office who can be wooed with gifts of free gear or ski vacations for their families by the ski resorts, in order to be “voted” number one. This is an annual READER’S choice award. Tens of thousands of individuals rank the resorts in 20 different categories from snow to service, terrain to grooming, challenge to character (these last two, the most important in my mind, JHMR ranked #1.) Locally we knew it was just a matter of time before the rest of the winter sports community discovered just how incredible our mountain truly is.

A quote from one of the voting readers captures JHMR and the Town of Jackson quite well, “There's no place quite like JH: there's a rowdy, go for it vibe here that I have experienced nowhere else and people dedicated to the mountain lifestyle and all that that means.” In Jackson, the mountains are our church, the weather is our god, and we never, ever work on an epic powder day.  What better way for JHMR to show its love and appreciation to such a culture then by skiing together. November 29th, 2013 has been deemed FREE SKI DAY by JHMR. Lettermen jackets make way for ski jackets as we all head to the mountain we love this season. Jerry Blann, the president of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers his thanks to the loyal visitors who have enjoyed the mountain over the years, and guarantees that the award is loved; it will not change the approach of the mountain. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was and will continue to be “independent, spirited, friendly and always customer focused.” With direct flights from 12 cities, we hope to see you out on the mountain this year, then you to will understand why we are so proud to say…

“We are the champions.

We are the champions.

No time for losers

'Cause we are the champions”


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Fall, Football, and FUN!

With first sight of snow on the mountains, and even more so when it falls down here in the Valley always seem to make us want to fast forward to Winter!  September 26th brought the first dustings of snow here in Jackson, followed quickly by October 3rd when woke up to 4 inches covering our town and even more accumulated in the mountains. Our minds immediately race to images of fresh powder as we ride through the endless pillows at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King Mountain Resort, and Grand Targhee Resort. Before we completely fast forward through Fall, let us not forget one of the most entertaining parts of this season- FOOTBALL!

We all have our teams- some favor college game day, others have birth to death alliances to their pro teams. Personally, I have been raised and will die a University of Washington Husky and Seattle Seahawk. I bleed purple and gold on Saturdays, and lose my voice along with the other 12th men at the loudest stadium in the World on Sundays, Kaa-KAW! No matter your allegiance, football is a highlight of the Fall, something to chat about with the person in front of you in line or the co-worker sharing the break room with you at lunch.

Away from home you may miss the fun of the pregame tailgate, and the electricity of the stadium, plus with all the networks- SEC, NFL, PAC 12, etc. it can be a little bit harder to catch your teams big game. Hayden’s Post has got you covered! All day Saturday we will be watching the college games, Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights we dedicate to pro football, with the games streaming on multiple televisions, a subscription to NFL Network, and happy hour specials running from the first kickoff to the final seconds of the last game.

Even if football’s not the crowd pleaser for you, stop in and indulge in the happy hour specials, and stay for a meal at Hayden’s Post, you won’t be disappointed. With house cured bacon on our BLT and Blue Salad, the Post Burger with Sweet Potato Fries, Chef Scott Blackerby’s signature Stout-Braised Bison Brisket and John-Mark’s signature cocktails, we are sure to have anything you need to leave you satiated after a crisp Fall day in Jackson Hole. While you enjoy your meal- plan your day, or even week’s activities with the help of our Event Calendar. Technically we are enjoying a mellower season here in Jackson, but there is still plenty to keep you busy.


Stay tuned for our upcoming news on the winter season, I will leave you with the 2013-2014 forecast from the Farmer’s Almanac:

“Winter will be much snowier than normal.... The snowiest periods will be in late November, early and mid-December, mid- and late January, mid-February, and early March.” Get ready for another epic Jackson Hole Winter!


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