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Fall, Football, and FUN!

With first sight of snow on the mountains, and even more so when it falls down here in the Valley always seem to make us want to fast forward to Winter!  September 26th brought the first dustings of snow here in Jackson, followed quickly by October 3rd when woke up to 4 inches covering our town and even more accumulated in the mountains. Our minds immediately race to images of fresh powder as we ride through the endless pillows at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King Mountain Resort, and Grand Targhee Resort. Before we completely fast forward through Fall, let us not forget one of the most entertaining parts of this season- FOOTBALL!

We all have our teams- some favor college game day, others have birth to death alliances to their pro teams. Personally, I have been raised and will die a University of Washington Husky and Seattle Seahawk. I bleed purple and gold on Saturdays, and lose my voice along with the other 12th men at the loudest stadium in the World on Sundays, Kaa-KAW! No matter your allegiance, football is a highlight of the Fall, something to chat about with the person in front of you in line or the co-worker sharing the break room with you at lunch.

Away from home you may miss the fun of the pregame tailgate, and the electricity of the stadium, plus with all the networks- SEC, NFL, PAC 12, etc. it can be a little bit harder to catch your teams big game. Hayden’s Post has got you covered! All day Saturday we will be watching the college games, Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights we dedicate to pro football, with the games streaming on multiple televisions, a subscription to NFL Network, and happy hour specials running from the first kickoff to the final seconds of the last game.

Even if football’s not the crowd pleaser for you, stop in and indulge in the happy hour specials, and stay for a meal at Hayden’s Post, you won’t be disappointed. With house cured bacon on our BLT and Blue Salad, the Post Burger with Sweet Potato Fries, Chef Scott Blackerby’s signature Stout-Braised Bison Brisket and John-Mark’s signature cocktails, we are sure to have anything you need to leave you satiated after a crisp Fall day in Jackson Hole. While you enjoy your meal- plan your day, or even week’s activities with the help of our Event Calendar. Technically we are enjoying a mellower season here in Jackson, but there is still plenty to keep you busy.


Stay tuned for our upcoming news on the winter season, I will leave you with the 2013-2014 forecast from the Farmer’s Almanac:

“Winter will be much snowier than normal.... The snowiest periods will be in late November, early and mid-December, mid- and late January, mid-February, and early March.” Get ready for another epic Jackson Hole Winter!


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Fall Dining Deals!

cafe Cheap Eats!  Well not exactly cheap, but for Jackson Hole the off-season specials are a treat.  If you re like most hard working individuals, this time of year is one for pinching pennies prior to the holidays. Here in Jackson, we enjoy the relaxing pace of community and save a few bucks by dining out. Yes, I said dining out. Heck, it s practically the only time I can get to enjoy the higher end restaurants due to the various Two for One s and other eatery specials through Jackson and the Westbank.  Rendezvous Bistro is my personal favorite with their $11 menu and buy one and get the other meal for $2- especially with since that $2 dollars is donated to local charities! Thumbs up for Happy Hour at the Kitchen, with the $5 appetizers and half price drinks you are sure to have any enjoyable evening.  If you like seafood then their "Luxury Shrimp   are not to be missed!  Paired the shrimp with the Heirloom Tomato Salad and a nice glass of wine or specialty cocktail and you are set for a delicious, and cost effective dinner.  I plan on expanding my dining adventure to the other fine dining establishments in the area this Fall, I will keep you posted on what culinary delights I find! Another great deal I recently discovered is  With a list of not only restaurants, but retail stores and services such as salons, pet services, and computer help, offers a Groupon style discount.   This site gives year round specials where you can buy one or multiple vouchers, and are refreshed on Wednesdays with new deals to be had!  Just think with all these saving, a Fall trip to Jackson Hole is beneficial, no crowds, lower lodging rates, and dining deals to be had all around. Book your trip today, before you miss out on the crisp Fall deals!
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