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Snow Bike Race at Snow King

Mountain Bike up Snow King

Snow King Bike Race Jonesing to race your bike? You don't have to wait 'til summer. Grab your snow mountain bike, or rent one (see below) and head over to the town hill February 11th at 4:45pm for the first Snow King Snow Bike race. There will be three different entry classes. One will ride just one lap, the second will ride two, and the third will be two laps done by teams of two, one lap each. The race course was gelled after consulting with snow bike experts Cary Smith and David Hunger, and it's FUN! Registration is on the day of the race, Feb. 11th from 3:35 pm to 4:30 pm. If you don't have the legs or lungs to conquer this extraordinary feat, come out and watch. There's an excellent opportunity for spectating on this course. Take some pictures and videos of your racing friends and, of course, cheer them on.

Details on the Snow King Snow Bike Race

  • Registration: Day of race 3:35 to 4:30 in the Snow King Lobby. $5 per person registration fee.
  • The course is about three miles long, 824 feet vertical gain.
  • Sign up for one, two or three laps, or race up to three with a team.
  • Snow Bike Demos by local shops from noon-4pm.
  • Contacts: Adam Shankland at 307-730-8906 or Dave Hunger at 307-690-0712

About Snow Biking

Snow Bike Experts Cary Smith and David Hunger Snow biking most likely started when the Iditabike race started in 1987 using the same route of the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska. Like these arduous races, snow biking is definitely tough, but it's gaining in popularity nevertheless. According to Simon Rankower from in Alaska, snow biking is "more interesting and fun than riding on the dirt. And talk about power riding--wait until you go on your first ride in about four to six inches of powder. Riding in the snow is hard and technical. 10 miles in the snow is like 20 miles on a dirt trail." It's great way to stay in shape for your summer mountain biking and may even improve your bike handling skills. Snow biking also generates a lot of heat since it's so strenuous. Like all cardio winter sports, dress in layers! Start with a wool or synthetic base layer, top that with a lightweight insulation layer like a Nano Puff vest, and cover those with a waterproof shell or riding jacket, depending on the temperatures. Heavy tights made out of Polartec or something similar are a must to keep your legs, and especially your knees, warm. Cloudveil "Run Don't Walk" tights are a good example. Lobster gloves or ski gloves will keep your hands warm, but will have enough dexterity for shifting gears and braking.
"Riding in the snow is hard and technical. 10 miles in the snow is like 20 miles on a dirt trail." -- Simon Rankower

Tips on Winter Riding from

Salsa Snow Bike
  • "Pedal smoothly and relax your upper body, especially on ice and soft snow.
  • When the bike starts going sideways, make small corrections rather than over steering and weaving down the trail. Practice riding in a straight line when the trail is good so it's easier under bad conditions.
  • On some soft trails, higher speeds take less effort than lower speeds, because your tires sink into the snow less at higher speed.
  • Snow machines leave the center of the trail soft. Their best tracks are left by their skis, if you can ride straight enough to use them.
  • Road ice can provide lots of traction or very little. Learn how the different types look and sound. Try not to brake hard on the slippery sort, or if you must, use only your rear brake. Watch for dry patches where you can do your braking or turning."

Where to Snow Bike in the Jackson Hole Area

There are plenty of places to ride your snow bike in the Jackson Hole area. Groomed Nordic trails, snowmobile groomed trails, snowmobile singletrack, and winter roads are good choices. In Jackson, Cache Creek is a great place to start since it's groomed twice weekly and has a pretty gentle grade. The Hagen Trail, which can be accessed at the Cache Creek trail head can be a good if there isn't too much snow and is a bit more climbing. Check the Jackson Hole Community Pathways Winter Trail Map for more ideas on where to go and info on grooming/plowing days and times. Snow King hill, of course, is a great place to ride, but the grade is, well, not-so-gentle. Ride the jeep road up after the resort closes or on Monday's for an epic challenge. Drive over the Teton Pass to Teton Valley for numerous winter biking options. Teton and Horseshoe Canyons are obvious picks for beginners as they are groomed and offer gentle grades. Grand Targhee Resort features more advanced trails. Check out this blog post, Experts in the FAT since 2007, on Fitzgerald's website for more info about where to ride and great trail etiquette tips.
"Now the greater Teton area has become a mecca for Winter Fat Biking and the people rejoice as their legs are prepared for the Spring riding like never before and the lack of a powder day offers a wondrous opportunity to explore new lands." -- Scott Fitzgerald

Where to Buy or Rent Snow Bikes in the Jackson Hole Area

Snow Bikes for rent or sale at the Hub Bicycles A short bike ride from Snow King Resort, The Hub Bicycles offers snow Surly Pugsley snow bikes for sale or rent. To have one for your very own, it's going to set you back about $1650. Email or call them at 307-200-6144 to reserve a Surly Pugsley (in the appropriately named color, "snowblind") and ride it over to the King. Fitzgerald's Bicycles in Victor, ID sells the Salsa Mukluk 3 for $1599 or demos it for $35/day or $50 for the weekend. Call the shop to reserve one or for more info: 208-787-2453

Jackson Hole Winter Festival

President's weekend is just a few days away and the town of Jackson and the Snow King Resort are getting ready for lots of fun activities.  The Jackson Hole Winter Festival starts off on Thursday the 16th with a Snow Sculpture Competition on the Historic Jackson Hole Town Square.  There is even a special Snow Sculpting event just for kids.  A little later in the evening enjoy fine art and fine food with a Downtown Gallery Walk.  Many local restaurants have partnered with the art galleries to provide libations along the way. On Friday the 17th, the Snow King Resort is Winter Festival Headquarters with the Margarita Cup Race followed by the Outrageous Air Show and Bash.  Don't forget about Moose Hockey as the Cache Valley Trappers take on our own Jackson Hole Moose.  Let's go Moose!!!!   The Moose will play the Cache Valley Trappers on both Friday and Saturday nights.  Look for fireworks and a torch light parade on the Snow King Ski Area Friday night as well. Saturday the 18th is an even bigger day of events.  First the Moose Chase Nordic Race takes off at 10 AM followed by the All American Cutter Races a truly unique race combining snow and horse drawn chariots.  Later in the afternoon check out the Grand Teton Music Festival Family Concert a great show for all ages or the Alonzo King Lines Ballet.  Jackson Hole finishes the evening right back at the Snow King Resort with a repeat of Friday night.  More Outrageous Air Show and Moose Hockey!  Saturday is going to be a busy day. The Winter Festival wraps up on Sunday with a Dodge-ball Tournament, K-9 Keg Pull, Beer, Brats & Live Music at the Jackson Hole Fairgrounds and day 2 of the All American Cutter Races.  Throughout the entire weekend the Snow Sculpture Contest will continue.  Did I mention the skiing is still great?  The snowmobiling out to Yellowstone and Togwotee are still running strong?  Celebrate President's Weekend in Jackson Hole!  It's going to be a great party.
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Jackson Hole Winter at the Mid Point

It's the middle of winter in Jackson Hole and the first half of the season has been a snowy success.  With over 300 inches of natural snow fall to date at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort   the outlook for the second half of the season looks bright.  The Snow King Resort has followed suit with Ski Races, Snow Tubing and new Beginner Terrain and Ski School Area.  But, as we look towards the second half of the season it's nice to step out and enjoy a few winter activities other than roaring down one of our world class ski areas on Skis or Snowboard.  The IPSSSDR (International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race) took off from the Historic Jackson Hole Town Square on January, 28th.  The crowd gathered enjoyed close up interaction with the dogs and their mushers as well as live music from Screen Door Porch , dog treats from Pedigree and a choice of different food and beverage outlets. As the days start to get a bit longer and the nights not quite so cold its a good time to put on those yaktrax and try winter running or put away the downhill skis for a day and try skate skiing or cross country skiing.  Cross country skis are a great way to visit the Grand Teton National Park or any of the land around Jackson Hole.  For those leaving the downhill skis behind, but still looking for a little speed a Snowmobile may be the way to spend an afternoon.  Many winter guests enjoy a Snowmobile trip to Yellowstone a once in a lifetime trip.   It's always nice to take a mid season break and try some different activities, but don't forget there is still plenty of winter on tap and we hope to see another 300 inches of the white stuff!  The Snow King Resort welcomes the Outrageous Air Show February 18th and 19th.  The 2011 World Championship Snow King Hill Climb blasts off March 24th for another weekend of snowmobile madness. The skiing is some of the best in years, the days are starting to get longer and Jackson Hole and the Snow King Resort will be hosting events throughout the winter.
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